23 June 1995




Test model: 24V Ghia estate.

Price: £21,090.

Engine: 2.5-litre, 24-valve, V6 petrol.

0-62mph: 8.2sec.

Top speed: 133mph.

Test fuel consumption: 28mpg.

Insurance group: 16.

ITS GOT the power, its got the looks, in fact the 24-valve Ford Mondeo Ghia estate has got almost everything bar one small but very important factor – a marque with the snob-appeal to match its price tag.

At around £21,000, this medium size estate is no low cost option, but then top bracket performance has never been for the motoring miser.

The all-aluminium 170ps engine is one of the lightest and smallest V6 units around, and was designed specifically for the Mondeo range. Built for durability and low operating costs, Ford claims it will run up to 100,000 miles on just one change of spark plugs, minimal checks and only routine oil and filter changes.

It certainly gives smooth, fast acceleration (0-62mph in 8.2sec), has plenty of pulling power on even the steepest inclines, and a traction control system (TCS) to prevent wheel spin on poor road conditions, soft tracks, hills or sharp turns.

Where there is insufficient grip between the tyre and road surface the TCS, which is linked to the cars ABS system, reduces the torque differences between the driven wheels; in addition, engine output is reduced by closing the throttle. Back pressure on the accelerator pedal and a light on the dash let the driver know the TCS is operating.

Driver confidence is enhanced by air bags, supportive seats and side impact beams. And after all, confidence in your car counts for far more than a posh badge.

Mondeo muscle makes dust fly… the 24V Ford mid-size estate is capable of

0-62mph in 8.2sec and 133mph top speed. Price (Ghia spec) is £21,090.