18 August 1995

More new barley varieties are hitting the 10t target in 95

TEN-TONNE two-row barleys look to be a significant feature of this harvest, with several newer varieties hitting the mark set by winter wheats over a decade ago.

One of the first reports came from a fungicide trial conducted for Du Pont in Lincolnshire. Replicated yield plots showed Intro achieving 10.07t/ha (4.08t/acre) on a site managed by Field Data Systems at Haverholm, near Ewerby.

Although rhynchosporium and mildew levels were not high flusilazole had been used at 0.5l/ha at second node (GS32) and 0.4l/ha at first awns visible (GS49). The adjacent farm crop yielded 9.62t/ha (3.89t/acre).

Elsewhere farmers have been turning in 10t/ha-plus crops of Gaelic, according to breeder Elsoms. Bill Jackson of Manor Farm, Hutton Buscel, Scarborough took 96t from a 9.6ha (23.7 acre) field. "Weve never seen anything like this before," he enthuses.

On the north Lincolnshire wolds a 35ha (86-acre) crop topped that, with 10.25t/ha (4.15t/acre), while a chalk downland farm near Basingstoke managed 10.02t/ha (4.06t/acre) and a Kent farm hit 10.13t/ha (4.1t/acre), the company reports.

Medium heavy land

CPB Twyford reports Intro doing 10.07t/ha (4.07t/acre) across 23.1ha (57 acres) on medium-heavy land at Manor House Farm, Richmond, N Yorks.

Not to be outdone, stalwart variety Pastoral is credited with 10t/ha (4t/ha) on Peter Hepworths Yorkshire farm.