7 July 1995

More trailed options

as Dutch join forces

TWO Dutch sprayer companies have amalgamated, giving UK farmers yet another trailed/ mounted machine line-up to add to their sprayer options list.

Hoegen Dijkhof (HD) and Sieger joined up at the beginning of this year and the new company, Sieger HD, now offers a complete range of trailed, mounted and de-mount sprayers. Suffolk-based importer Mitchell-Rowlands, which has imported the HD de-mount sprayers for the past 15 years, will bring in the full range.

"Its good news for us because the addition of trailed and mounted models to our range means were now in the mass sprayer market – not just the de-mount sector," Graham Mitchell-Rowlands explains.

At Sprays and Sprayers, Mr Mitchell-Rowlands was demonstrating a new Sieger HD 2500-litre (550gal) trailed sprayer which is link arm mounted and has auto-steering wheels. Other coupling options include pick-up hitch and continental-type hitch.

To aid cleaning at the end of a working day, the sprayer also incorporates field flushing of the main tank. Operating a remote valve diverts returns into the suction side of the pump rather than back into the tank. This dries out the machines pipework, leaving less chemical residues in the system prior to adding clean water from the sprayers 200-litre (44gal) clean water tank.

The complete Sieger HD trailed sprayer range has models with capacities from 2000-3500 litres (440-770gal) litres and boom widths up to 24m (80ft); prices start from £15,000. Mounted models are also available with capacities from 600-1200 litres (132-264gal). &#42

Sieger HD trailed sprayers are fitted with torsion tube booms for increased strength. The 2000-3500 litre ranges prices start from £15,000.