14 July 1995

Move upsets Irish

IRISH farming leaders are furious over a plan to restrict sheep dip sales to vets and pharmacists only.

The National Drugs Advisory Board has submitted a formal recommendation to Irelands farm minister, Ivan Yates, to restrict access to the products. It claims only vets and pharmacists have the competence to inform and educate farmers on the safe use of organophosphorus dips.

But the Irish Farmers Association has condemned the move as "a fiasco". John Elmore, IFA sheep committee chairman, wants the minister to overturn the NDABs decision and launch a properly funded education programme on the safe use of OP dips.

Mr Elmore said he understood the concerns of those who had been affected by OP dips but the way forward was through education and awareness and the promotion of correct protective clothing.

He said 90% of all OP dip sales were through merchants and co-ops and he feared vets and pharmacists would push up prices.