24 November 1995

Mower on a mega scale…

New machines aplenty at last weeks Agritechnica 95…Andy Collings and Andrew Faulkner continue their round-up of the equipment on display at the German farm machinery show

HOT on the heels of Deutz-Fahrs self-propelled big square baler comes the companys self-propelled mower and grass conditioner.

The GrasLiner, like the baler, has its design steeped in that of the combine harvester. At first glance it could even be mistaken for one.

Power is supplied by a 240hp air-cooled Deutz engine and the transmission is a two-speed hydrostatic drive.

Grass is cut by a 6.2m wide disc mower with the crop augered to a central elevator before being passed through two drums rotating at different speeds. The result is that the surface of the leaves are broken to hasten the drying process.

The operator can alter aggression by increasing or decreasing roller speed and/or changing the gap through which the grass is forced to pass.

Once through the rollers the grass passes out of the machine via a roller press which, combined with the crushed out sap, causes the crop to form a mat – a format claimed to retain nutrients and reduce losses due to leaves crumbling.

An alternative is to use the machines spreaders to distribute the crop over the entire cut area.

Aimed at the contractor market, outputs are claimed to be up to 6ha (15acres) an hour. Price is about £59,000.

&#8226 Austrian and German farmers will have the option of a 50kph transmission and front suspension for the six-cylinder Deutz Agrotron tractors from the middle of next year. UK farmers may have to wait a little longer.

Mower conditioners dont come much bigger than the self-propelled Deutz-Fahrs Grasliner. The 240hp machine has a claimed output of 6ha/hr (15 acres/hr).