28 April 1995

Mowers fully adjustable

AS the set-aside topping season gets under way, those involved in this annual chore could be interested in the latest Bush Hog topper marketed by Opico.

Aimed primarily at the farmer user, rather than the contractor, the 4.5m (15ft) 2315 comprises two wing sections, each of which is allowed to float independently when mowing on rough or hilly ground.

Two hydraulic cylinders allow the wings to work at angles of 60 degrees above the horizontal and 22 degrees below. A movement 17 degrees up or down can be made without moving the cylinder piston rod – a system designed to prevent undue wear on the hydraulic cylinder. Wings are raised hydraulically into the vertical position for transport.

Cutting height can be set from 5cm to 35cm (2in to 14in) by adjusting the position of the replaceable skid shoes. Other features include a slip clutch, a self-levelling hitch with swivelling clevis and puncture proof tyres.

Recommended for use with tractors up to 100hp, the Bush Hog 2315 is priced at £7984. &#42

Set-aside topping with the new Bush Hog 2315 now available from Opico.