2 June 1995

MPs condemn

policy on OPs

FIVE Labour MPs have signed an early day motion condemning the governments policy on organophosphorus pesticides.

It calls on the Commons to "abhor" the governments abdication of responsibility towards people harmed by OPs. It notes that it has been known since the 1970s that OPs cause gradual but acute damage to the nervous system.

It ends by wishing that farmers could "wash their hands clean of OP pesticides as easily as this government has washed its hands clean over their claims for compensation".

Meanwhile in the Lords the Countess of Mar asked the government to give an absolute guarantee that the protective clothing it and manufacturers recommended would protect individuals when dipping sheep or handling dipped sheep from any damage to health if worn correctly.

In a written reply Lord Inglewood for the government said the issue of operator safety for sheep farmers was "much wider than simply wearing the recommended protective clothing". &#42