7 June 1996

Nail extractor saves effort

A SIMPLE tool for extracting nails won first prize in the Farmers Brainwaves pre-patent class.

Michael Churches, who milks 90 cows at Godney, near Wells, entered for the seventh time this year. He designed his Ultimate Nail Rem-over for extracting headless nails and large bolts from roof trusses.

The tool comprises a steel bar with an angled chisel cut from 25mm (1in) plate and welded on the end. A swinging D-shaped plate is attached with a bolt through the neck of the chisel. When a nail is caught between the chisel tip and the "D" it is gripped harder with increasing pressure on the handle.

"It is cheap to make and saves a lot of effort, especially with large nails that you cannot grip with a claw hammer," says Mr Churches. He foresees a market with the building trade and is considering patenting the idea. &#42

This Barbed Wire Dispenser, invented by John Osborne, Rhode, near Bath, was devised when his forestry team had to put up 2.5 miles of fencing over rough terrain.