17 January 1996

Naish voices cull concerns

CONCERNS over inconsistencies within the governments selective cull compensation package have been raised by NFU President, Sir David Naish.

Although the union has given qualified backing to the plan to offer compensation for an animal on its replacement rather than market value, it has questioned why this has been set at 90% instead of 100%.

"We would like to see a regular review of the replacement value aspect of the scheme to take account of changes in market conditions. And the fact that there may be a delay between replacement value agreed when an animal is removed from a holding to the time when an appropriate replacement can be found by the farmer," said Sir David.

"Discrepancies could also arise between those who were among the first holdings involved in the scheme and those who have their animals taken away at a later date.

"We would also take issue with the argument that those who lose less than 10% of their animals from a herd would be excluded from the proposed dislocation allowance."

Sir David said he hoped to meet farm minister, Douglas Hogg, to talk about the practical implications for farmers of the scheme, which was agreed by heads of government at the Florence summit last summer.

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