5 April 1996

Narrow tyre solutions

INTER-ROW tractor operations in potato crops can cause a few problems for growers.

BJL Fielden claims the need for narrow tyres has led to the use of smaller diameter wheels which, in some circumstances have resulted in the base of the tractor coming into contact with the crop.

A solution in the form of a North American designed tyre is now available from the company. Made in 4 Star (about 16 ply), and with a carrying capacity of some 3.2t a tyre, the 14.9R-46 has the same rolling circumference as a 20.8-38 but is a tyre sufficiently narrow to work in the row. Special wheels to fit existing axles are available. &#42

Narrow yet tall. This North American-built tyre from BJL Fielden is designed to provide a tractor with ground clearance when working in potato crops.