29 November 1996

Network ends isolation

AN END to isolation and a sharp competitive edge are two advantages of joining the new Rural Business Network, according to its chairman, Hugh Oliver-Bellasis.

Launched at Smithfield, the NFU/CLA/ADAS initiative offers farmers the chance to link up via their computers to a wide range of business information.

Delivered via the Farming on Line network, and costing £285 + VAT, the system has market reports, weather information, training support, research findings and financial services. There is a farm security link up to build a database on rural crime, and there is scope for farmer-to-farmer trading.

"RBN subscribers will have facts and figures at their fingertips and links with trading partners to enable them to make the best decisions and create new marketing opportunities," said Mr Oliver-Bellasis. They would also have the means to "break the confines of rural isolation".n