26 May 1995

New additions to Grimme range

GRIMME has added two new pieces of equipment to its range of potato harvesting and planting equipment-a two-row bedformer and a two-row unmanned harvester.

The Dowdeswell-built Powervator 130 bedformer has a working width of 3.7m (12ft), enabling two 1.8m (72in) beds to be created at the same time. Standard build includes the use of a spiked rotor, discs and bedformer.

Price is listed at £8750 when the standard bedformer is fitted.

The Grimme Continental DL1500 RS two-row harvester made its UK debut at the PMB event, following its launch in Holland earlier this year. Features include spring-loaded disc coulters, haulm feed-in rollers and two continental main webs.

The DL1500 carries a price tag of £43,650.