19 May 1995

New approach to stop blight

POTATO blight control using a sequence of products is being promoted as the best approach to controlling the disease this season.

   Developed by Ciba Agriculture and ISK Biosciences, "The Sequence" uses three applications of Fubol (metalaxyl + mancozeb) during early growth, followed by three mid-season sprays of Legacy (fluazinam) and ending with two tin sprays. Trials in 1994 showed a margin over treatment of £723/ha (£293/acre).

Further details of the approach will appear in next weeks report on the PMBs technical conference and demonstration at Sutton Bridge, Lincs. We also plan to carry the first farmers weekly/Ciba Agriculture BlightSearch information on the development of blight across the country, plus details of an exciting competition to win a place on an exclusive study tour to the Netherlands. &#42