15 December 1995

New customers need training

FARM machinery dealers could do more to help customers get the most out of their new tractors, believes Alec Williamson, New Hollands head of training.

Speaking at the companys £1.1m International Training Centre alongside the Basildon tractor plant, Mr Williamson said farmers were all too often left to use their new machines with only minimal instruction.

"When tractors are a big investment, and are more sophisticated, that is not good enough," he said. "Many professional dealers are taking the time and effort to properly instruct drivers how to get the best out of new tractors on delivery. But others could do more."

Electronic control and information systems in some ways made it easier to operate todays tractors well, he added. But some drivers were nervous about making use of all the facilities unless they had a clear understanding of what to do. New Holland is encouraging its dealers to make salesmen responsible for ensuring customers receive adequate instruction and that more detailed training is available if needed.

"Salesmen do not necessarily have to give this instruction, though I am inclined to think they should. But someone has to be responsible for making sure proper instruction is provided," Mr Williamson commented.

Facilities at New Hollands training centre are a big improvement over the elegant but impractical Boreham House location. The large workshops and comfortable course rooms will be used primarily to train New Holland staff and dealer personnel, in both sales and service techniques. &#42