5 May 1995

New dairy feeds take care of grazing

THREE new dairy feeds are now available from Dalgety Agricul-ture for the summer grazing season. They are designed to supplement cows at grass and are designed to meet different levels of milk output and forage availability.

The first, Summer Premium, ensures cows receive appropriate balances of nutrients to safeguard overall health and fertility when relatively small quantities of concentrate are required.

Classic Graze supports higher levels of milk production for autumn-calving herds at grass as well as high yielders which need more than grass alone to achieve their potential.

Very high yielding cows or herds with a predominance of winter/spring calvers would be suited to Elite Gold which contains high levels of digestible fibre and digestible undegradable protein ensuring efficient rumen activity. Cost depends on volume and location, says Dalgety.

Further details available from Clarke Willis (01454-201511).