22 November 1996

New designs for baler range

JOHN Deeres baler range receives several updates for the 1997 season.

The 590 variable chamber round baler is now available with a 2m (6ft 6in) pick-up and a pre-cutter system. The pre-cutter was offered as an option last year on the companys 580 variable chamber and as a standard feature on the 575 fixed chamber models.

A design change to the cutter now enables a choice of two working positions to alter the aggressiveness of the chop. A handle at the end of the bank of knives alters their position to expose more or less blade to the crop. A third position retracts the blades when chopping is not required.

The 575 fixed chamber baler, introduced two years ago, now has its optional netwrap system mounted at the front of the machine, its performance being less than 100% when mounted at the rear, says John Deere.

The baler with its 2m pick-up is being offered next year as a net-only version without twine wrapping.

And there is now also a new base version of the 575, which is offered with a 1.4m (5ft) wide pick-up, no pre-cutter and as a twine-only machine.

Price of the John Deere 575 base machine starts at £14,435.n

Update for the 575 baler includes a repositioning of the netwrap system.