15 November 1996



With the Maxxum now considered to be one of the best selling tractor ranges, Case IH is set to introduce the Maxxum-Pro series. David Anthony reports

COMMENTS from customers have played a big part in updating the Maxxum tractor range to produce the new Pro series, which will be featured on the Case IH stand at the Smithfield Show.

Maxxums were announced in 1990 and since then the production has passed the 60,000 mark to make them one of the best selling tractor ranges. The three models in the original range were later expanded to four when the Maxxum Plus arrived with power outputs from 90hp to 125hp, but all have been given a power boost as part of the Pro series upgrade.

A power increase of about 5% on each model has been achieved by modifying the injection pump settings and by changing to a viscous fan. The working speed of a viscous fan is automatically matched to the engine cooling requirements, reducing parasitic power losses and improving the operating efficiency. Engine cooling is also improved by adding new air intake screens in the side panels.

Customer comments

One improvement prompted by customer comments is the new fuel tank on the top three Maxxums. The old 170-litre tank was not big enough for a long days work, the engineers were told, and was also awkward to fill. The new tank overcomes the filling problem and holds an extra 50 litres.

Some Maxxum drivers also complained about the view from the cab, particularly when looking up towards the front and rear. The problem was caused by the roof design, drivers said they could not see the top of a forage harvester spout at the rear or a fully raised loader attachment at the front.

To cure that, the engineers have literally raised the roof, adding an 80mm (3in) insert all round to give a full view through the front and rear windows.

A test drive in a top-of-the-range 5150 Maxxum Pro showed the move has worked. The top of the front and rear windows are no longer blocked and the extra inches added to the height also improve headroom and give the cab a more spacious feel.

Transmission control

Another major improvement for drivers switching from an old Maxxum to a new Pro model is the transmission control. The old dual lever powershift control is replaced by a new single lever selecting both the range and powershift settings, with an indicator light to show which powershift gear is selected. The lever is on the control console near the drivers right hand and is much easier to operate than previous arrangements.

Driver safety and convenience are also on the improvements list. An operator presence switch connected to the drivers seat prevents the transmission engaging if the driver is not seated, and a more comfortable seat is included in the new specification.

Direction indicators are now self-cancelling, an additional control for the screen wipers is positioned to the right of the driver and includes an intermittent setting, and there is also a digital clock.

Some of the improvements are to be found at the rear of the tractor. Category III claw ends are now standard, and the hydraulic couplings are the breakaway type which can be connected or disconnected under pressure.

Another feature – suggested, perhaps, by recent links with the Steyr tractor range – is a drip collection system to catch any hydraulic oil released when the valves are disconnected and prevent it spilling down the back of the tractor. Collection tubes drain to a small plastic container which is easy to remove and empty.

Maxxum Pro production begins with the 132hp 5150 model, which will be available in December, and other models will follow in January. Prices will be available at the Smithfield Show.n

Versatile use for the mid-range Case IH 105hp, Maxxum-Pro 5130. Not too large for nippy field work (left) yet powerful enough to handle heavy loads of

slurry (above).

Raised roofline on the new Maxxum-Pro improves all-round visibility .

New decals add a touch of glamour for the Pro series Maxxums.

Larger capacity and easier filling for the Pro fuel department.

Maxxum-Pro range details

Model5120 Pro5130 Pro5140 Pro5150 Pro

Engine power (hp)94105117132

Maximum torque (Nm)375403474524

Engine speed at

max torque (rpm)1400-16001100-12001200-1300 1200-1500