4 August 1995

New laws on location

NEW dairy hygiene regulations* insist that parlour proximity to silage faces and slurry pits does not risk contamination of milk.

Comments come from ADASs John Sumner, farm inspections contract manager for the Dairy Products (Hygiene) Regulations 1995. He says farmers are unlikely to notice the existence of the new regulations when visited by a dairy officer.

"For example it is still acceptable for cows to live in and be milked in tied stalls," he says.

"The regulations are designed to allow flexibility of dairy layouts to maximise efficiency, but the dairy officer must be satisfied there is no risk of silage effluent or slurry contamination of milk."

&#8226 New Dairy Products (Hygiene) Regulations 1995 were introduced on May 9, 1995, following a European Milk Directive on Jan 1, 1994.