22 September 1995

New MOETbull proof gloom

PROOFS of Genuss MOET bulls make gloomy reading, according to Dr John Hinks in the latest edition of The Sire Register.

He says that 19 MOET bulls with production and type proofs in the UK offer the following average values – milk 536kg, fat 19.8kg (-0.04%), protein 14.6kg (-0.04%), PIN £54, ITEM £58, Type Merit (TM) 0.71. The averages are unimpressive and conceal individual bulls with production proofs as low as 9.7kg combined fat and protein and TM scores as low as – 1.1, says Dr Hinks.

He compares them with average values of a combination of Southwind, Aerostar and Leadman: Milk 894kg, fat 24.8kg (-0.19%), protein 26.4kg (-0.04%), PIN £94, ITEM £104, and TM 2.00.

He says that despite a large difference in semen price between the two categories, daughters of the latter group of bulls gave their owners a net profit advantage of about £140 a cow a year or £550 a cow over her productive lifespan compared with their MOET counterparts.

"Those that have been cajoled into employing the early MOET teams have been offered a raw deal," he says. "Judged on results, MOET would seem to provide a refuge only for the doomed."