19 January 1996

New plough copes with sticky soils

VOGEL and Noot Euromat 3S reversible ploughs marketed by Anglia Imports now benefit from the addition of two new mouldboard options.

The MPK430 is designed for use in heavy, sticky soils which are reluctant to flow smoothly over conventional "spiral" shaped mouldboards. A deep body profile and an upward taper discourage soil from sticking with soil inversion completed by the mouldboards long tail.

For less troublesome soil types, the UL430 mouldboard has a rounded blunt shape, designed to leave a wide furrow bottom and allow the use of wide tractor tyres. It leaves, says the manufacturer, a broken but level finish.

Both mouldboards can be used to replace the standard universal designs fitted to the 3S at no increased cost. &#42

Aggressive shaping of Vogel and Noots new UL430 mouldboard leaves a wide furrow bottom to enable wide tractor tyres to be used.