29 September 1995


THREE instant silage inoculants were launched by Genus at the Event.

Two are freeze dried additives for maize and grass silage available in a granular form to be dissolved in water for use, and the third a dry powder for grass silage.

They are different to Live System, incorporating freeze dried instead of live bacteria. As such, they need two hours to become fully effective in the clamp whereas Live System starts working immediately, says Genus.

However, preparation time for Live System is much longer and in that respect its new products will be easier to use, it says.

Instant inoculant costs £1.40/t to treat grass silage and £1.10/t for maize silage.

DAIRY hygiene products are now available from Genus including plant and parlour chemicals, bulk tank cleaners, teat dips, creams, soaps and disinfectants for cow beds.

Genus claims its chemicals are efficient, reliable and safe and will help farmers achieve correct hygiene standards.

Circulation powder costs £44/25kg pack, Hypochlorite £12.50/25 litres and the teat dip £22/2.5 litres for 25 litres of ready to use dip.

NETTLES, thistles and docks can now be controlled in established grassland using its new product Pastor, claims maker DowElanco.

The foliar-acting herbicides active ingredients are triclopyr, fluroxypyr and clopyralid.

DowElanco says it can be applied either in the spring or autumn.

A split dose regime, comprising two applications of 2 litres/ha (0.8 litres/acre) is recommended where weeds are well established, otherwise a single application of 4 litres/ha (1.6 litres/acre).

Best results are achieved before flowering for nettles, when the plant is 150mm-250mm (6-10in) high. Docks and thistles should be sprayed at the rosette stage.

Pastor costs £34.28 for 2 litres.

THE Blackstar son Shalama Primus ET is the latest edition to Green Acres dairy stud.

He is out of a 1992 Royal Show champion cow, Pamela, of the Wiseburrow herd.

Primus has a UK conversion of estimated transmitting ability of +513kg of milk, +12kg of fat (-0.15%), +11.9kg protein (-0.08%).

The semen is priced at £8 a straw.