10 May 1996

New sheep drench on the market

A PERSISTENT, broad spectrum sheep drench that will kill worms for 35 days after dosing has been launched by Cyanamid Animal Health.

The new Cydectin wormer, is based on moxidectin. Company vet and technical manager David Bartram says that unlike avermectin-based wormers the molecular formulation of moxidectin allows it to be stored in the sheeps fatty tissues and released slowly into the blood stream.

"Worm larvae ingested as the treated sheep graze, are killed up to 35 days after dosing which then reduces pasture contamination," says Mr Bartram.

"Therefore repeat treatments are at eight weeks rather than three weeks with most drenches available. And due to the low toxicity of the active ingredient the witholding period is only 14 days."

Though priced above other wormers the manufacturer claims that the longer persistency makes the treatment more cost effective at about 0.5p a day for a 20kg lamb; 1p a day for a 60kg ewe.