17 May 1996

New spraying boom

is a flexible solution

A BOOM which can operate at 15m or 12m has been introduced by Allman. Suitable for fitting to the companys Unibilt Deluxe mounted and trailed sprayer models, the boom has a 1.5m spring-loaded breakback section at each end.

Feed to this section is via a flexible coupling hose equipped with a shut-off tap, allowing the sections to be folded back to create a 12m boom.

Hydraulic folding is standard – the booms fold alongside the sprayer – with the new 15m models adding £173 to the price of a 12m boom. &#42

12m or 15m spraying with the latest Allman boom development. Note the folding 1.5m sections, which are fed by tapped hoses, at the boom ends.