7 July 1995

New tractors from Russia and Austria

BELARUS has a new flagship model. Hot off the production line based in Minsk, White Russia is the four-wheel-drive 1025, a 115hp version which the company hopes will find favour with the arable and livestock section alike.

Not over stylish by western standards – it still retains a certain eastern appearance which is perhaps more at ease in the field than the show room.

Even so, with its new colour scheme and cab interior trim, there is little doubt Belarus is making efforts to meet the demands of the western market.

Power is provided by a four-cylinder, turbocharged direct injection engine rated at 115hp, with the synchromesh transmission offering 16 forward and eight reverse gears.

As with other Belarus four-wheel-drive tractors, there is an option for drive to the front axle to be automatically engaged if the rear wheels start to slip. Other features include an onboard compressor for use with trailers fitted with air braking systems and a three position pto allowing a choice of ground speed, 540 or 1000rpm.

The tractors three-point linkage has a lift capacity of 3500kg at the ball ends and is powered by a double-acting ram capable of applying a downward force to the lift arms. Draft and position control is included in the specification.

In the cab, the controls are laid out in a reasonably ergonomical fashion – the two gear sticks to the right and the hydraulic and throttle controls positioned on a console below the right window.

Price of the Belarus 1025 is £22,880.

Power is boosted and the cab uprated on Belaruss new flagship, the 115hp 1025. Production of 90hp/105hp 900-series models has also started.