14 July 1995

Newcomers join German sire proofs

LATEST sire proofs from Germany available at the show included two promising new sires, and improved the figures of three existing high fliers.

Belt is back at number 14 on the top RZM (German economic index) list with a 90kg lift in milk, boosting his PIN to £89. New Way has a new PIN of £107, putting him in the top 20 on the UK PIN list, and Notels PIN is up £7 to £110.

Newcomer Lasso is an outcross by Cyprus Hill Laban out of an Astro Jet cow. He boasts 1101kg milk, 35kg (-0.13%) fat, 28kg (-0.09%) protein and £99 PIN. Also promising is the Bell Troy son Bernhard out of a Valiant cow. He boasts 866kg milk, 31kg (-0.06%) fat, 28kg (-0.02%) protein and £104 PIN.

Italian figures

Italian sire proofs also released at the show include the Melwood son Tim who offers 801kg milk, 27kg (-0.07%) fat, 23kg (-0.02%) protein and £86 PIN. Also available is Blackstar son Reggente, to be marketed by Topline sires. He boasts a positive fat:protein ratio and £81 PIN.

New from New Zealand is Bear Path Fantastic son Bucklin Bear Canute. Marketed as a sire proven to work well in high forage systems, Canute offers 581kg milk, 22kg (-0.02%) fat, 16kg (-0.03%) protein and £60 PIN.

French sire proofs confirm the position of Dombinator as top sire on the French type and production index ISU and improve the production proof of Sammy son Esquimo and Evreux Clei. &#42