8 September 1995

NMP keeps first-year pledges

THE Northern Milk Partnership delivered all its promises in its first year of trading, members were told at the partnerships annual meeting on Wednesday.

NMP chairman, Richard Smith, told more than 100 milk producers: "The partnership has proved the sceptics comprehensively wrong by fulfilling and even exceeding all its commitments."

He said that the NMP had delivered one of the UKs most attractive producer prices, with a guaranteed 1.2p/litre over Milk Marque.

"Ahead we have development and marketing opportunities second to none in the business. We shall be seizing them with both hands and I am sure the coming years will see the partnership becoming the best marketing option for milk producers," he said.

The partnership supplies all its milk to Northern Foods. Mr Smith said that Northerns major restructuring, announced earlier this year, had proved its commitment to the future.

The company had not shirked from adjusting its business to respond to the rapidly changing milk market, he added.

"This has enabled it to pay us a fair market price for our milk in the past year, while providing us with the security that it will maintain the sort of business that will continue to enable it to do so in the years ahead," said Mr Smith. &#42