22 November 1996


EFFORTS to get a European Union silage additive approval scheme have been underway since September 1993, but have a low political priority.

A successful outcome would allow any approved active ingredient to be used throughout the EU, though member states could appeal on the grounds that it has no positive benefit, or harms humans, animals or the environment.

Authorised active ingredients will have to improve fermentation, enhance aerobic stability, reduce effluent and/or increase the nutritive value of silage. Active ingredient authorisation would be the responsibility of the EU. It will be based on the vetting of submitted dossiers of independent trial results by individual member states. The task of testing the effectiveness of formulations of up to five approved active ingredients will also be delegated to individual EU states.

Makers of active ingredients, which will be listed as chemicals, micro-organisms, enzymes and other, that are rejected by individual countries will be able to appeal against the decision. But it is envisaged that most of the active ingredients currently used in silage additives will be included in the provisional list drafted by the EU.

To date an initial listing had been produced only for chemical ingredients which includes the chemicals EU registration number, where available.