14 September 2001
No latitude on seed dressing


UPTAKE of a new take-all seed treatment has been hampered by its manufacturers poor distribution policy, according to one seed supplier.

At least 3-4% of this autumns wheat is set to receive Monsantos Latitude (silthiofam), according to product manager Roger James.

Even before fresh orders for stocks from Belgium were placed, this exceeds the first year of its rival dressing, Jockey (fluquinconazole + prochloraz), he adds.

But Trevor Cope, of Goreham and Bateson, in Swaffham, Norfolk, believes the policy of marketing Latitude has limited its sales.

It is being channelled through preferred agrochemical distributors, he says, notably limiting dressed supplies of varieties such as the new feed wheat Tanker.

This is down to the limited opportunity to ensure adequate quality control at treatment plants, says Mr James.

Since the treatment was UK approved in June, about two-thirds of seed processors, although a lower proportion of mobiles, have access to the product.

According to NIAB trials results, Latitude increased output from 18 second wheats by an average 37/ha on take-all sites over two years.

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