12 January 1996

No need for deficiencies

MANGANESE deficiency in spring barley can be avoided by using a specialist seed treatment this spring, growers are being advised.

Such a treatment protects yield and bushel weight and helps avoid high screenings, claims Dalgety Agriculture.

Crops sown into chalky, organic or sandy soils with high pH are most at risk, according to product manager David Neale. Prolonged cold, wet weather exacerbates the problem.

Mr Neale sees "little difference" between the Phosyn, Rhône-Poulenc and Cutonic treatments used by Dalgety. All can be used to give seedlings a good start, with a foliar treatment to follow up where deficiency is severe, he says.

Costing about £40/t of seed treated, working out at about £7.40/ha (£3/acre), that compares favourably with using foliar sprays only, he adds.

Malting barleys in particular could benefit from treatment. &#42