30 June 1995

Non-OP alternative is pricey but now claims scab control

THE first synthetic pyrethroid dip to gain approval for scab cure, while offering blowfly and lice control (see Livestock, June 23) is at least three times the price of organophosphorus (OP) alternatives.

OP dips have been the only ones to date to effectively offer control of scab, blowfly, ticks and lice. The other pyrethroid dip with scab control Bayticol has no claims against blowfly.

The new non-OP dip effective against scab and blowfly is manufactured by Grampian Pharma-ceuticals and available direct to farmers though Youngs as Robust. The same product is also sold to merchants through Grampians marketing arm Crown Veterinary and is called Crovect. South-west co-operative Mole Valley Farmers will be selling this dip. MVFs Steve Ford estimates it will be about three times the price of non-OP dips (see table).

He bases his figures on a 1:400 dilution and 1:660 replenishment rate according to manufacturers recommendations. Price comparisons are based on the purchase of a five-litre pack. Crovect is also available in one and two litre packs.

Mr Ford warns no Crovect product claims are made for scab persistency. But Crown Veterinary claims it is effective against blowfly for up to 10 weeks with a nil meat withdrawal period.

Although it is not an OP dip, Mr Ford advises producers using Crovect to wear protective clothing. &#42

Cost of dipping 400 sheep with an organophosphorus dip or the non-OP product Crovect

Bath sizeCost (p/sheep)


900 litre (200gal)3611

1350 litre (300gal)4312

2250 litre (500gal)6114

Source: Mole Valley Farmers