12 May 1995

North:Michael Scott.

For. Because I offer a specialist service, general ring suppliers do not pose a threat. If there was a successful ring in my area, I would join to get more timely payment.

There is a future, but its not particularly rosy. Escalating cost of machinery and competitve nature of the business mean there will never be big incomes for contractors.

Yes. My business relies on being able to buy reasonably priced secondhand equipment which I can service myself. As technology advances, this equipment will become harder to find.

A useful option. I will use finance to buy secondhand gear, but only with caution. I am wary of over-extending.

Yes, it has to make sense. If land can be used to grow the nations fuel – why not?

A waste. I was brought up to believe that the most should be made out of every acre. The system cannot be sustainable.

A mixed approach – between what I think I should be charging and what I need to charge to get the work.

Good in my area. Most farmers in this area have been using contractors for a long time. A bad contractor is quickly found out.

Cash flow. On my relatively small turnover the big billstend to hurt.