29 September 1995

Novel prototype at cultivations event

A NOVEL prototype disc cultivator took its place among more established machines at the AEA/ADAS Tillage 95 cultivations demonstration held in Oxfordshire last week.

Developed by Lincs farmers Tony Gent and Ken Taylor – who were also behind the Flat-Lift soil loosener – the implement is designed to mix as much surface trash as possible with the minimum amount of soil movement.

"We farm some heavy Lincolnshire skirt soils and wanted an implement that would mix soil, crop residues and any weeds in just one or two passes," explains Tony Gent. "Weve been developing this idea over the past four or five years and its now working pretty well."

Full-width steel roller

The 3m (9ft 10in) wide tractor-mounted cultivator kicks off with a full-width steel roller, then large diameter plain discs set almost parallel with the ground. These slice into the soil, lifting it and moving it slightly to one side, into the path of the upright notched discs which follow. These loosen ground untouched by the leading discs, then mix soil and surface trash. A steel coil completes the operation.

Because the large discs tend to throw soil to one side, the coil has to be offset and the implement needs to be "reversible" to work up and down. All the discs are therefore mounted on legs rotated in turn by hydraulic ram, with the coil traversing the frame at the same time.

Reco plans to build this as yet un-named disc cultivator developed by two Lincolnshire farmers for efficient stubble incorporation on heavy land.