6 October 1995

Now diet-feeding finds favour in a big way…

IRELAND may be the undisputed home of complete diet feeding but the concept has only become widely accepted by the countrys farmers over the past four years, according to feeder manufacturer Redrock.

So popular is the practice now that the Armagh-based firm has developed feed handling equipment specifically for dairy farmers who are using feeder wagons for mixing forages with concentrates.

Called the TMR bucket, this one attachment enables the operator to cut out grass silage from the clamp as well as load maize silage and concentrates without having to swap between grab and bucket. This gives a big time saving when feeding, says Redrocks Samuel Hughes.

"The TMR bucket is no more than a development of the inserts that we have been fitting in our standard Alligator blockcutters for a number of years. All weve done is to weld the base in place over the tines and add a bottom cutting edge," Mr Hughes explains.

Price of the 1.5m (5ft 2in) wide TMR bucket is expected to be about £1600 in the UK.

&#8226 Redrock also introduced a 14t capacity dumper trailer at the Irish National Ploughing Championships.

The trailer, which is fitted with a sprung drawbar and twin axles, also incorporates twin stabiliser rams that maintain the loads pivot point over the axles during tipping.

This keeps some weight on the trailers drawbar when tipping, says Mr Hughes.

Silage grab and loading bucket in one attachment.