6 October 1995

Now New Holland fills its small combine gap

By Peter Hill

HAVING uprated its higher capacity combines for this years harvest, New Holland has turned its attention to machines at the bottom end of the range.

The New Holland TC54 and TC56 are four- and five-straw walker machines introduced four years ago to replace the long-running 1500-series models. Both come with four-speed mechanical variator transmissions and have a generally simpler specification than the TX and TF models.

"Dropping the smallest model in the TX range last year left a gap which is now being filled by a rotary separator version of the TC56," explains New Hollands Derek Gardner.

This machine has a grain separating drum and concave added to the standard threshing cylinder and beater, improving performance up to 6% by increasing powered separation area by 61% – despite shorter straw walkers.

"The extra concave is fixed rather than adjustable, as on the TX models, but the system makes a significant difference to the separation and overall performance of the combine by accelerating the crop away from the drum and beater and agitating it as it does so," explains Mr Gardner.

Clean grain and returns augers are bigger to cope with the extra performance, a bigger cutting table is fitted, and grain tank size increases to 5200 litres. A Biso straw chopper and cab air-conditioning are also included.

Standard and RS versions of the TC56, as well as the TC54 model, now have more functions operated by electro-hydraulic controls instead of mechanical linkages.

This has reduced cab noise by removing hydraulic valves away from the drivers platform.

As a further refinement, a multi-function control lever engages the transmission variator, adjusts table height, reel speed and height, and operates the reversing mechanism for the table/crop elevator reverser.

TX-series combine tables, with larger diameter reels and high speed knives, have been adopted for the TC machines but using a simple gas bottle float system rather than the TXs more sophisticated hydraulic set-up.

Powered by Basildon-built 125hp and 155hp PowerStar engines, the TC54 and TC56 come with either fixed or hillside sieves and grain pan.

Performance improvements for the New Holland TC56 combine include an RS version with grain separation drum and concave which lifts performance by up to 6% over the standard model, claims the maker.