19 June 1998

Hands-on help from maker

now on offer

Always the focus of new

sprayer introductions, the

Sprays & Sprayers

event looks unlikely to

disappoint again this year.

Peter Hill looks ahead to

some of the new products

on display

A DEDICATED trial area behind the static exhibits in the main section of the Sprays & Sprayers show will cater for farmers who fancy a go with some of the equipment on display.

This area has been used for unofficial hands-on demonstrations in the past, but this year sprayer suppliers can give seriously interested customers a proper feel for spraying vehicles and equipment and the way it operates.

It is one of a number of initiatives at an event now firmly established as Europes biggest showcase of spraying technology. Exhibitors will again put selected machines through their paces in the main arena, showing the way booms fold and unfold, how different nozzles produce different sprays and how vehicle and boom suspensions cope with the rough track simulation.

Boom suspension, and its ability to keep the structure on an even keel, will be in particular focus this year as the organisers have grown a plot of barley for the sprayers to pass through.

First 3000-litre machine

Newcomers among the self-propelled sprayer ranks include the first 3000 litre machine from Sands. The company has previously made 2000 and 2500 litre medium self-propelled machines and the big capacity, big power 3600 litre model.

Now, as farmers and contractors demand more spraying output, the 3000 litre sprayer is finding more followers.

The SAM 3000 uses a conventional single pump hydrostatic drive system with Poclain wheel motors at each corner and is powered by a 131hp Deutz six-cylinder turbo engine. Air-Pam pneumatic sprayer controls are used and the tank installation is to the Sands Low-Line design to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible.

The new machine will also demonstrate Sands new hydraulic track width adjustment. Once the sprayer has been jacked up and telescopic axle retaining bolts loosened, studs are inserted according to the track width required, a valve flicked open and then the steering wheel used to power the axles in or out.

Sands Agricultural Machinery says the system is designed to help farmers and contractors adapt the sprayer to different wheel track widths quickly, easily and safely.

Case Sprayers is taking the opportunity of switching engines supplier to increase power outputs on the Case/Gem Sapphire self-propelled sprayer. Turbo diesel engines built by CDC, the Case-Cummins joint venture, now power the machine which is available with 2600 and 3000 litre spray tanks and 18m to 28m booms.

In place of the original 124hp motor, the Sapphires hydrostatic transmission is powered by a 152hp block with a 175hp version being added as an option in due course.

Other options include drum brakes to supplement the braking effect of the hydrostatic drive system. Included in the standard package is hillside boom tilt, clean water rinse and in-cab pressure adjustment.

Low ground pressure sprayer specialist Frazier is moving into the medium size self-propelled category with 2000 litre versions of the Stealth and Phantom models.

The main difference between the two is the Stealths roomier cab; both are powered by Land-Rovers 111hp TDi engine coupled to a dual range automatic gearbox which gives the operator eight forward speeds. A lockable centre differential and wider rear axle are added to proven mechanical four-wheel drive and all-round suspension.


The 2000 litre spraying outfit is demountable and carries aluminium booms up to 28m wide and a stainless steel tank.

At the other end of the scale, Lucassen Youngs Clayton C-Trac 6000 can be used as the basis of a 2500 or 3500 litre sprayer.

Bigger and more powerful than previous C-Trac tractors, the 6000 series comprises two models powered by 155hp and 185hp John Deere engines coupled to an Eaton 10-speed synchro gearbox.

There is a choice of three wheelbase lengths, gross vehicle weights of 10.5t to 12.5t, depending on wheel equipment, and five-function steering.

Like the 4000 series C-Trac, the latest models have dual circuit brakes and coil spring suspension front and rear.

New-design liquid fertiliser dribble bar shown by CSD Agriculture and Accu-Rate Control Systems has an integral three-position metering unit to select rates and internal low volume feed pipes to each outlet to maintain accurate and even flow rates, especially when working across slopes. Connecting sleeves stop the bars being misaligned by impacts or becoming entangled in crop or hedgerow.

Further improved Saltney foam bout marker from Astwell Augers. Smaller bore hoses and an uprated compressor improve performance with 24m spray booms for pre-emergence marking or spraying in laid foliage crops like peas where tramlines are easily lost. Airless kits, which use an existing compressed air supply, are available for Sands, JCB Fastrac, Mercedes Unimog and similar.

Improved specification for Case/Gem mounted and trailed sprayers includes clean water rinse and in-cab pressure adjustment as standard, along with a higher capacity 250 litre/min six-cylinder pump for mounted models.

New heavy-duty booms now grace Knight trailed and self-propelled sprayers. The figure four cross-section is designed to improve the strength of the structure and afford nozzles extra protection. A fast-response attitude control system helps keep the boom level and works in conjunction with anti-yaw and contour-following suspension. There are 12/24m and 18/20m versions with partial or full folding on one side only an option.Direct injection of pesticides eliminates waste and avoids disposal of unwanted spray mix when the weather intervenes to stop operations. Knights system, shown here with a hydrostatic drive self-propelled sprayer, uses dedicated containers linked to individual peristaltic pumps. The unit is lowered to ground level for easier preparation

Amazones Fairline sprayers are designed as economy models that retain the essential structural and build features of the existing versions. Sizes are 800 litre/12m and 1000 litre/15m. Both use the frame of the larger Amazone UF sprayers but have manual fold booms and manual spray controls unless optional hydraulic and electric systems are fitted. Pumps of 140 and 180 litre/min respectively are used. Hydraulic boom height, tank flushing, 5m suction hose and multi-purpose flat fan nozzles are fitted.