27 September 1996


WITH pig prices 50% higher than two years ago, and forecasts of at least another year of sustained high prices to come, the future for pigs looks bright.

Undoubtedly the BSE crisis has played a role. But a continuing shortage of pigmeat across the EU and the growing appeal of British pork and bacon are the powerful factors behind high prices. Add to this news of a good cereal harvest and the chance of lower feed prices, and the growing confidence amongst producers is understandable.

But confidence should not be allowed to turn to complacency. Dont squander this golden opportunity to invest in measures that could secure the future. Investments are needed not just to replace stalls and tethers but to replace worn out equipment.

Wise investment in new ideas or the adoption of novel advice could be undertaken more safely while there is still a financial cushion to fall back on if things go wrong.

Most importantly investment is needed in the working environment and training of stock carers to encourage the right people to make long-term commitments to the industry. So lets use the good times to plan for profit in the years ahead.