3 September 1999


GROWERS need to pay as much attention to nozzle choice and maintenance as they do to product rates, urges Velcourt trials officer Ben Corbett.

"There is a lot of ignorance about nozzles. Growers can concentrate so much on tweaking application rates, yet the output from nozzles on their spray boom can vary from 0.9l/ha to 0.4l/ha. There is a very real need to check nozzles regularly and replace them when necessary."

Selecting the right nozzle for the job is vital, especially when drift avoidance is also on the agenda. This year Velcourt demonstrated the effect of using different low drift nozzles at ear wash timing. Some made a better job of getting fungicide spray into wheat ears than others, Mr Corbett notes.

This year to extend the demonstration the company is applying inputs throughout the season with a range of current drift reducing nozzles. &#42