4 August 1995

Odours under control

COMPOUNDS which claim to reduce smells generated by farm wastes – including slurry – are by no means new. But OCA from Shropshire-based Greive UK purports to tackle the problem in a different way.

Instead of masking the smells or sterilising the waste, OCA reacts with the smell-causing complexes of nitrogen and sulphur and neutralises them.

"Odour-causing chemicals are also likely to be microbial inhibitors, with their presence within a slurry possibly reducing biological digestion," explains David Wilson of Greive UK.

He adds that the product can be used on almost any waste providing it is applied correctly. "OCA is non-toxic and will not harm these beneficial microbes and, by coupling with the odour-causing chemicals, it also helps them to flourish."

All of which could be good news for those farming in urban areas where smells cause problems for local inhabitants. &#42