6 October 1995

On top of costs behind

MCKEOWN Engineering has developed a trailed forklift as a low-cost materials handler for use behind tractors of 40hp upwards.

The Trail-Lift is capable of lifting 2t up to a maximum height of 3m (10ft) and will handle either big bags, boxes or pallets.

John McKeown says most interest in the machine has come from farmers looking for either a back-up forklift or a machine which can be used away from the main farm.

"Because the Trail-Lift can be towed behind a trailer between sites, its ideal for jobs such as loading seed from boxes into a potato planter without tying up the farms main loader," he says.

Power for the Trail-Lift is supplied by a single hydraulic feed from the tractor into the implements valve chest. Spool levers on the chest enable the operator to raise/lower, tilt/crowd and slide the pallet forks back over the wheels when lifting.

This shifts the weight back on to the tractors drawbar rather than pivoting over the Trail-Lifts wheels.

Price of the Trail-Lift is expected to be about £4000.

Low-cost but 2t to a height of 3m for the McKeown Trail-Lift.