29 November 1996

One-pass drill debut

A NEW one-pass pneumatic drilling system from Overum, which is claimed to provide accuracy at high operating speeds, made its debut at the Smithfield show.

From the front, the trailed 6m (19ft 6in) Multi-Jet MD3306 comprises a hydraulically-pressurised clod busting bar followed by a 3.3t capacity seed hopper. After the hopper are two rows of spring tines and lastly, two rows of seed coulters.

Recognising that the variable soil types found in the UK might need different spring tine designs to create the required seed bed, Overum is preparing to offer a range of alternatives to suit particular conditions.

Seed is metered using the companys Tive system, which feeds seed to each of the drills 48 coulters via a pneumatic system. Electronic tramlining is provided as standard.

For transport both the front clod buster bar and rear spring tine/ coulter assembly fold hydraulically to create a width of 3m (9ft 10in).

Recommended minimum power requirement is 130hp. Available for the spring, the Multi-Jet 3306 drill has a price tag of £35,600. &#42

One pass drilling with the Overum Multi-Jet 3306 (£35,600). Overum users will note the machines new blue and silver corporate livery.