8 December 1995

One-pass drill kit

A YORKSHIRE agricultural engineer has designed a single-pass plough, press, power harrow and drill combination to speed up autumn work and reduce wheelings and compaction problems.

Lawrence Redmans outfit, which attracted a lot of interest when demonstrated at a recent Boroughbridge ploughing match, uses furrow press-type extension arms to draw the power harrow and drill in an offset position.

The harrow is powered by its own 70hp donkey engine, while hydraulic raising and lowering of the harrow and drill is radio controlled from the tractor cab.

Hitching up the harrow/drill is achieved by hydraulically lowering a steel lug on the end of the press arm into the outfits clover leaf tow-bar.

Mr Redman has also devised an ingenious way of turning the combination round at the end of the field. A lugged bar, mounted on the front of the tractor, is engaged in the clover leaf hitch and the combination is pushed round into its starting position for the next pass.

Mr Redman says the 100hp tractor and combination can achieve a work rate of at least 0.4ha/hr (1 acre/hour).

, even in his own small fields the largest of which is 2.8ha (7 acres). And it saves the cost of another tractor and man when drilling his 12ha (30 acres).

Tractor, plough, power harrow (with engine) and drill. Yorkshire engineer Lawrence Redmans one-pass drilling kit in operation.