26 May 1995

One treatmentll do

CYANAMIDS new sprout suppressant, coded PSS25, is claimed to offer suppression "almost independent of time or temperature".

"Once we have controlled sprout growth then temperature and time seem to be irrelevant," says Cyanamids Peter Tayler. This is because the product blocks a vital amino acid pathway which seems to be unable to reactivate.

"One application to potatoes as they go into store will probably mean most growers wont have to apply another storage product," suggests Mr Tayler.

The liquid formulation makes for easier application, penetrating silt-smeared eyes which CIPC has been unable to achieve this year, says technical specialist Alison Deane.

Although approval is expected this year, marketing will be delayed until the following season. This is so application equipment can be developed to achieve uniform coverage at the 30-60t/hour intakes now used in some stores, explains Mr Tayler. Work with conventional spray chambers has achieved good results with a 0.75-1 litre/t application rate at up to 30t/hour throughput. Applications could be tank mixed with intake fungicides, he adds.

Residue problems are not expected. Just 1g/t is applied, significantly less than competitive products. The active ingredient is related to Cyanamids growth regulator imazaquin, he says.

A price premium is expected. &#42

Cyanamids sprout suppressant will give control irrespective of time or temperature says Peter Tayler.