7 June 1996

Opicos double quick

LATEST baler-trailed wrapper from Opico, the Combi-Twin, has twin film dispensers for faster wrapping and more fully-automated operation.

Using two 500mm (20in) film dispensers halves the time taken up by the wrapping sequence, ensuring the wrapper keeps up with even the hungriest of round balers. It also halves the downtime required to replace empty wrap reels.

And with the latest touch-pad controls, the driver only has to press the baler tailgate "open" button to set the sequence into motion. This includes closing the telescopic drawbar so that bales go almost directly into the self-loading cradle – useful when baling across sloping ground – and tilting the wrapping table to receive each bale. Once wrapped, the bale is gently discharged.

Opico claims the Combi-Twin is capable of handling up to a 1t bale. &#42

Opicos trailed wrapper. Fitting two dispensers halves wrapping time.