8 November 1996

Recent gales caused half of the maize crop to lodge at FW farmer focus writers Patrick and Graeme Cocks Younghouse Farm, Ash- burton, Devon. Luckily the lodging came too late to hit yields of the 40ha (100-acre) Energy maize crop grown on the 202ha (500-acre) unit. But lodging slowed this weeks cutting with the harvester going in one direction only in parts of the field. Under 15t/ha (6t/acre) at 35% DM is being clamped for the 300 milkers winter ration.

OPresistance first in Europe

SHEEP scab mite resistance to an OP dip has been discovered for the first time in the UK and Europe on a Scottish farm.

Dipping was with the OP propetamphos and carried out by a licensed contractor, and dip applied according to manufacturers instructions, reports a letter in the Veterinary Record, Nov 2, 1996.

Sheep on the farm were dipped three times between July and Aug 1995. After each application a number of animals continued to exhibit scab.

Sheep at the Central Veterinary Laboratory, Wey- bridge were infested with the same scab mites and then dipped in propetamphos at maintenance level – the lowest concentration to which the parasites would be exposed if dipped according to manufacturers instructions.

After dipping, animals continued to show clinical signs of sheep scab.

"This indicates that mites could be becoming more tolerant to dips," says scab specialist Peter Bates of the CVL.

"To minimise risk of resistance developing it is vital animals are dipped according to the manufacturers instructions."