13 December 1996

Outfit bucks trend

BUCKING the recent trend, a dairy farm in North Yorkshire sold by auction to realise £100,000 more as a whole than the aggregate offers of the lots.

In a less favoured area, Greater High Birks Farm, Keasden, near Clapham, included 234 acres of grazing land, a redundant farmhouse, a traditional stone barn and some 21,776 litres of quota.

Guided at £300,000 by auctioneers Richard Turner & Son, it was knocked down at £380,000 including the milk quota, which was valued at about 55p/litre, sheep quota for 246, and grazing rights on Austwick and Lawkland Commons for 172 sheep.

"Interest in the lots came from locals looking to add to their existing units, although the two bidders competing for the whole came from about 30 miles away," said auctioneer Richard Turner.

Also, having sold some bare hill grazing land near Settle, he said prices have moved on to averaging £1000-2000/acre from £600-1500/acre, with local farmers always looking to add on a few more acres to existing units.

Around £100,000 is needed to restore the house and buildings at Greater High Birks Farm.