27 September 1996

Passports can be replaced

FARMERS can now apply for replacement cattle passports if the original has been lost, stolen or destroyed, MAFF has announced.

But a replacement, which will cost £50, will only be issued where the full movement history of the animal can be traced. MAFF says that if that information is not available, then a movement license will be issued to allow the animal to go directly for slaughter, but the meat will be banned from the human food chain.

Farmers who apply only for a movement license, rather than a replacement passport, will not be charged.

Passports became compulsory for all cattle born in Britain, or imported, after July 1 in an effort to improve traceability. Latest figures show that up to Sept 14, 169,000 passports had been issued. Replacements have not been available until now because legislation was needed to allow government to charge farmers for them.

Forms and advice on passports can be obtained from MAFF regional service centres. &#42