22 November 1996

Phone link field check could keep the dealer a step ahead

FASTER fault-finding and more efficient machinery management are claimed for a new system which allows tractor engine and transmission performance in the field to be monitored in a dealers office.

A direct link via a portable phone in the operators cab is at the heart of Valmets Valtra CareTel system. It uses the companys latest electronic engine management system to monitor key engine and transmission functions.

Such information is invaluable in assessing more precise service intervals, explains Mauno Ylivakeri, Sisus research and development and service manager.

"It could also be used in conjunction with the companys electronic management system to warn operators of a possible engine or transmission malfunction before any damage occurs," he says.

Strategically located sensors measure pto speed, engine speed, oil temperatures and pressures. Those readings are relayed to a central control unit connected to a Nokia mobile phone in the cab. That relays the information directly to a computer at a dealer or fleet owners premises where actual values, statistics, performance peaks and troughs can be studied in detail.

It is also possible for the dealer or owner to call the tractor to monitor its functions from a digital GSM phone or computer. Should malfunction occur the tractors control unit automatically notifies the owner or dealer. Visitors to next weeks Smithfield Show in London can see the system in operation on Sisus stand, number 151 on the ground floor in Earls Court 1. &#42