8 March 1996

Pig herd winner

WINNER of the 1996 BOCM Pauls agricultural college pig herd award is Plumpton Agricultural College, Lewes, East Sussex.

Plumpton recorded 22.95 pigs sold/sow/year from their 100 sow herd of Landrace/Duroc sows crossed with Large White boars from Newsham Hybrid Pigs.

Head pigman Dan Leggett attributes the figures to careful service management and investment in high quality boars for both meat quality and number of pigs produced. He also said that good stockmanship, an efficent feed programme, and overall cost effectiveness contributed to the win.

Runners up were Writtle College, Essex, with 22.92 pigs sold/sow/year and Hadlow College, Kent, with 22.69 pigs/sow/year. &#42