14 April 1995

Pig smells cause stink

BUILDING a housing estate next to a pig farm has led to conflict between residents and Dorset farmer Robert Cheeseman.

Despite Mr Cheesemans att-empts to restrict odours from his pig unit, residents have presented Bournemouth East MP David Atkinson with a 1069 signature petition complaining about smells.

Mr Atkinson said he has been told the smells were so bad people had been physically sick. But earlier this year Bournemouth council decided it could not take action because Mr Cheeseman had followed advice offered by ADAS to try to lessen the problem.

Bournemouth council environmental health officer Penny Austin confirmed the farm had complied with ADAS advice. That included:

lCovering slurry tanks and pits.

lEnclosing a separating tower and swill-boiling building.

lAgreeing to carry out cleaning of runs between buildings daily.

lStop using one manure heap, as it didnt have proper drainage.

Mr Cheesemans proposal that the farm be sold for a housing development has been turned down by Bournemouth Council. The town plan includes the farm in a Green Belt area, even though 58 houses are being built on another of its boundaries in Throop.

Councillor Dan Crone, who claimed his home three-quarters of a mile from the pig unit is affected by its smell, said: "I can understand why people who live 200m from the farm find it a bit much.

"The only solution I can see is for Mr Cheeseman to be helped financially to relocate elsewhere."

Mr Cheeseman said: "It is too sensitive for me to comment other than to say people know the situation when they buy their houses. We have done absolutely everything we can to put this right." &#42