21 July 1995

Pigmen want transport derogation

THE UK pig industry is pressing for a derogation on the new EC livestock transport directive.

The proposals would limit journey times for adult pigs to 24 hours, including time on the ferry, followed by a 24-hour rest.

The NFU and the British Pig Association want a derogation that would recognise the additional efforts made by breeding companies to ensure pigs reach their destination in excellent condition.

"The proposals would mean we could not transport our pigs beyond Paris before they would have to be rested," said Robin Shannon, managing director of the Cotswold Pig Development Company. "About 25% of our animals would, therefore, be affected. Aside from the additional cost of arranging secure lairage at sites across Europe the pigs could be exposed to diseases and additional stress at unloading and reloading."

Derrick Gee managing director of the Pig Improvement Company said Scotland could be hit hardest by limited journey times. Scotland is used extensively by breeding companies because pig numbers and disease risks are lower. &#42